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Experience Andrea Tarocchi

Gifted Tarot & Palm Reader

I’m so happy you’ve joined me on my spiritual page where I can assist you to achieve the success, happiness, love, and prosperity you desire!

On this page you may explore my spiritual offerings of tarot readings, and palm readings. Soon I will post my tarot reading classes, products, and spell work classes.

To get started, you might want to with book an appointment with Instagram, @andreatarocchichat, to learn how you can improve your life situation and what opportunities lie ahead.

Next, you can look at my free guidance and videos on Instagram on how you can use spells to make positive changes in your life circumstances. I am a professional tarot reader, palm reader since 1990. I am a gifted psychic blessed with unique abilities which connect me to the Divine. This allows me to help others on their own path to self discovery, happiness and love, success and wealth; and I am willing and ready to help you. 

Finally, you may want to inquire about my magical products that I create as spiritual tools for you to use to make those changes just send me a message at .

Sending you lots of love,

Andrea Tarocchi 

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Transform Your Life with Andrea Tarocchi

Gifted Tarot Card & Palm Reader

I am Andrea Tarocchi: a tarot reader, a palm reader, a psychic, a teacher, and spellcaster.

Whether through the products I make and sell, the workshops I teach, the articles I write, the rootwork I perform or the readings and advice I bestow, my goal is to empower you and to provide a helping hand to assist you in finding the path to your success.

My passion is the tarot! I have a unique bond with each  of my clients who trust me to show them how to shape their life as they wish it to be. I want to help you discover the path to your aims, be it love, prosperity or success. I can show you precisely what is necessary for your personal empowerment, guided by the wisdom of the tarot, your palms, and my Divine Spirit Guides.

I love to offer spell work and advice, teaching you ways to work with the spirits of plants, minerals, and other objects to assist you in achieving your goals.

I hold myself to the highest ethical standards with my services and any products that I create.

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Tarot Reading

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

William Shakespeare

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Andrea Tarocchi

Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. I love helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and I get great satisfaction from seeing them thrive. Contact me today at @andreatarocchichat on Instagram.

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